A Course for Caregivers

The Heart of the Caregiver © was developed to help people like us to not just survive this difficult time, but to allow it to bring out the best (maybe after bringing out the worst!) in us.

  • Feel His Love

    Learn God’s truth about yourself, your situation and the person you care for. Go deep in His Word to discover the honor of your call to serve.

  • Harness Strength

    The course is also designed to introduce you to the practice and power of worship, prayer and journaling.

  • Gain Clarity

    You will learn how to hear answers through His Word, through quiet time and through meditation and prayer.

Course curriculum

Ready To Feel Joy Again?

The Heart of the Caregiver© is an in-depth study of God’s Word designed to help you discover all that God has for you and those around you in your role as a family caregiver.

Meet Your Teacher

  • Mary Tutterow

    Author & Founder of The Heart of the Caregiver©

    Mary Tutterow

    Mary is a wife, mom, speaker, teacher,caregiver and author of book, The Heart of the Caregiver. Mary began teaching the content to small groups as an excuse to have other caregivers to share with. She realized through this experience that only those who have experienced being a caregiver themselves seem to fully understand. It is now her joy to help other frazzled caregivers find beautiful transformation in the caregiving process – for themselves, their family and the people they care for.